Viva Carlos Blog Hop: The simple life

L. Williams at Viva Carlos asks: Other than money, what would make your horse life simpler?
Easy question! My horses living at my house would life way easier. I grew up with my horses living in my backyard; my parents and I were the only people responsible for their care. I never knew how much I appreciated that until I was forced to board my horses beginning in college and continuing to this day.
Johnny and I haven’t decided on what our next living situation will be: cool Craftsman bungalow in Mid-town Tulsa, close to the restaurants, entertainment, and stores we like? Ten acres in one of Tulsa’s southern suburbs, with highway access so Johnny’s commute isn’t terrible? Or my personal favorite: developing some property Johnny’s family holds in middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma into a premier horse property, complete with barns, arenas, and a cross-country course?
I’m personally rooting for the last option. Johnny’s sold, provided I let him build an earthship out of old tires and soda bottles. 
The things I do for these horses.


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