Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Stalker

L. Williams and Thad the Unicorn at Viva Carlos asks: What equestrian blogger out there do you really want to meet?

L. implores us to only choose 5, but I can’t. How could I? I read so many interesting and funny blogs that I’d love to meet each and every one of you! I’d invite you all to my annual Derby party! We could all go on a trail ride at one of Green Country’s lakes or state parks! We could drink margaritas and eat chips and salsa at my favorite Mexican restaurant! 
The blogs I regularly read are listed under the “Friends” heading at the top of my blog; if you’re on that list, consider this an invitation to visit me in Tulsa any time! I think of you all as friends already- the equestrian blogging community is supportive, hilarious, knowledgeable, and full of diverse personalities. You’re exactly the kind of people I like to hang out with.
If you can’t make it to Tulsa, we can always be internet friends via the social medias. I’m on:
You can also email me at stejpeck(at)! 


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  1. Didn't even notice the friends portion of your blog bc I'm usually in feedly or safari on my phone so wen version. I wish that I could have a feedly section on my blog so I don't have to update the following thing on blogger. Your section is a good idea!

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