Viva Carlos Blog Hop: What Junk Is In Your Trunk?

Weirdly enough, I’ve been kicking around a “show me your tack trunk!” post for about a month, but never managed to get it posted. Happily, L. Williams of Viva Carlos fame used some kind of super secret psychic powers and hosted this blog hop! 
So what’s in my tack trunk? First, here’s the trunk itself:
It’s a hunter green footlocker originally purchased to hold my belongings while I attended Girl Scout Camp for two weeks at a time every summer. Some time in college, I converted it to be my tack trunk. It’s miraculously survived approximately 15 years of abuse from me. 
The trunk is covered in stickers: they range from bumper stickers from friends to freebies I received in the mail with various purchases. 
Front of the tack trunk
Well, of course I have to represent the Skyhawks.
Top of tack trunk
What? I really like Metallica, voting, Pony Club, and agriculture.
The inside of the trunk looks like a hot mess, but I swear I know where everything is.
Here’s what’s actually in there:
  1. Dover’s Training Surcingle (purchased from work for $10) and rubber donut side reins purchased from Lauren at She Moved to Texas.
  2. Ovation Schooler helmet
  3. Mizuno Vintage Pro batting gloves
  4. Polo wraps; kept in their zippered bags so I can find them easily (some are off being washed)
  5. Short riding crops (I have two because I lost one, bought another, then found the original)
  6. Ariat Air Grip gloves; technically my show gloves, but sometimes worn when the Mizunos get too hot!
  7. Spare bridle that fits both horses, with spare flash noseband
  8. Tack cleaning kit; just the basics to wipe down my equipment after I ride. Fiebings’ liquid glycerin saddle soap, Lexol leather conditioner, and three or four sponges
  9. Lunge line

My grooming kit and wash bucket are kept near the tack trunk. Most of my other extras (first aid kit, dressage letters, jump cups, granola bars for Moe) are either on a nearby shelf or in my horse trailer. The trunk typically doesn’t travel with me to shows- it stays in the tack room and I remove things I’ll need from it if I’m going somewhere.

I’ve loved seeing what everyone else has in their trunk!


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