We are the champions!

This weekend’s weather wasn’t bad enough to keep me from attending the Green Country Chapter of the Oklahoma Dressage Society’s annual awards banquet on Saturday. I’m kind of obligated to go to these things, as I’m the membership chair and de facto show secretary for the group, but I was especially excited to attend this event since Gina and I won an award!

Big bay mare and I were the First Level open division champions in 2016! I feel obligated to mention that we were the only contenders for this division; we certainly aren’t setting records with our scores. We snagged a gigantic ribbon and a tech-fabric shirt for our efforts last year.

I’m planning to show Gina First Level again this year. I know I’m not a good enough rider to take her to Second Level, and I’m not confident she can perform 10 meter canter circles or travers anyway. My only goal for 2017 is to improve on our 2016 scores. I think this is very doable if I stick to my New Year’s Resolution of taking monthly lessons and riding four times per week!

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    1. The chapter really goes all out on the year-end ribbons! We give them down to sixth place (though there are hardly ever any divisions that competitive) and they’re all like 3 feet long and huge!

    1. Thanks! The chapter tries very hard to give fun and different things each year so that people don’t end up with a pile of prize saddle pads. (That would be 100% fine with me, though.)

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