Wedding photos + final wedding thoughts

I finally went through the wedding photos last night; Johnny and I have been meaning to pick out a photo for our thank you cards for about a month. Apologies for the delay in thank yous, friends and relatives!

I’d been putting off looking through these because I was afraid I wouldn’t like them. Our photographers from Montag Studio were excellent- cheerful, professional, helpful- and I wasn’t nervous that they’d done a poor job. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the way I looked. Just like with riding photos, I tend to be my own harshest critic; I see only the flaws and imperfections in myself, where others see beauty.

Happily, there were many, many excellent photos. Some of the more posed ones look weird, mostly because Johnny and I would never naturally find ourselves in those positions. But for the most part, we look nice, the horses look okay, and I’m glad to have them.

Here are my ten favorite pictures from the wedding.

The hat was definitely my favorite part of the outfit.
Maid of honor Amy, me, Johnny, best man Matt
My shoes, which were not ideal for standing on grass to take photos, and hat.
Possibly the best picture of Johnny and I ever taken.
Smiling at my majestical Thoroughbred horsey.
Everyone cheering on American Pharoah.
Listening to my friend Holly give a very informative talk about the Derby.
Lovely arrangements in very large julep cups.
Moe doesn’t look thrilled to be here.
Moe and Gina are confused about why they’re here.

A couple of random thoughts on having horses at your wedding (or other large event):

  • Find a designated person to supervise them during the event. One of the most reliable students from the barn and her mom did this for us, and I am very grateful! They made sure people were able to take photos with the horses safely, feed them treats without getting their fingers bitten off, and were able to wrangle Gina when she bolted after pitching a fit loading in the trailer.
  • Don’t forget to bring water buckets, hay nets, and manure removal equipment.
  • Be sure to tell your photographer your secrets for getting your horse’s attention during photos, but accept that the horses won’t always cooperate. (See photo of Moe.)
  • Bring a pair of rubber boots or sturdy shoes in case of emergency. Gina was having a time loading in the trailer at the end of the event, and I was out there barefoot, trying to avoid hooves and horse manure while I attempted to help get her in the trailer. It seemed safer than teetering around in those blue heels, but was definitely not ideal.

Thanks again for all your help, blogging friends! I appreciated the time you took to comment and email with your suggestions- they were all so helpful. I wish you all could have come!

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  1. Wonderful pictures, and I still think this was the best idea ever for a wedding! If I wasn’t already married, I’d totally steal the idea 🙂

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