Wedding Wednesday: Dress options

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been contemplating what kind of dress to wear to my wedding. Here’s what I’m thinking:
  • Short
  • Cream-colored or off-white (because white looks hideous on me)
  • Some kind of fun detail
  • Inexpensive
I’ll admit I’m a little lost on anything more specific. Should I go with something lacy, like this lovely dress from Alfred Angelo? (It’s out of my price range, but I’m sure I could find something similar.)
This ivory colored dress from Ann Taylor has pretty details. (Still fairly expensive, but perhaps I could find a coupon.) 
I’ve also thought about asking Johnny’s mom if she’d be interested in making me a dress like this one from a McCall pattern. How cute would it look with a fascinator? (Not to mention Derby-appropriate!)
Accompanying the dress dilemma is another problem: shoes. I definitely don’t want to wear cowboy boots, because ugh. I’m hesitant to wear sandals, because horses. And I’m on the fence about heels, because walking on grass. 
What do y’all think? Is a short dress tacky? Should I just buy something in seersucker? Is it weird to ask Johnny’s mom about making a dress? (She does enjoy sewing and is a wonderful seamstress.) What kind of shoes should I wear? 

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12 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Dress options”

  1. Short dress will be fine with Derby theme, IMO. That is sweet if future mil makes it.

    It could throw off your theme, but cowboy boots with a frilly dress can sometimes be cute. Or maybe different sets of shoes for ceremony and reception.

    Can't wait till you get to Derby hats!

  2. A pretty pair of wedges is perfect with a short dress.I love the pattern, and I bet your MIL would be thrilled to make it! Also check out J Crew for some options.

  3. Wear what you want, it's your wedding. I wore a short dress, I have two friends who are also wearing short dresses. I love the the pattern for the third dress! And wedges work well with short dress and on grass. Also check out for some cool dress and shoe options.

  4. All of those dresses are awesome!

    I would be wary of having someone make it (even someone you trust). I had two friends in the last year who had their dresses made by a family member. One of the dress makers ended up with a broken hand (rollerblading accident) and the dress was passed around and not finished very nicely. The other dress maker was the future m-i-l and the bride felt uncomfortable asking for changes. Just my $0.02!

    How about some brightly colored ballet flats for footwear?

    I just got married last May and my bridesmaids and I wore pink rain boots for outdoor pictures with the horses. I had an equestrian theme too 🙂

  5. I don't think a short dress is tacky! I like all of those options. I wore flats for my wedding. Comfy, not over the top and probably horse friendly if you find the right pair 🙂

  6. I did have a long, formal type dress for my ceremony, but I LOVED my short dress that I changed into for dancing and the flip flops I wore the whole time! Definitely recommend both (short dress+flats).

  7. Love the short dress, especially for a Derby wedding! I would go with some comfy wedges to overcome the grass issue and just have designated horse handlers around so you don't have to worry about your toes except for just during photos. I shy away from having someone sew it too, just adds stress. Have you looked at J-crew or Anthropology's wedding lines?

  8. I adore the first dress, but all three are really cute. Agree flats are the way forward although cowboy boots could be fun too. I deff don't think short = tacky. It's your wedding day wear what you want & are comfortable in.

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