Wedding Wednesday: Engagement photo ideas

Johnny and I have booked a wedding photographer (for the curious, it’s Montag Photography in Tulsa), and the package we’ve chosen includes engagement photos. 
Now the last couple of times Johnny and I have had pictures taken of ourselves, it’s been part of various family photo sessions. Three (or four) years ago, we had photos at Thanksgiving, which included Johnny uncomfortably posing with me next to a tree. Last year at Christmas, we had family photos on the beach and the photographer had to tell us more than once to stop touching the other’s butt. (Where else would you rest your hand?!)
Clearly, we don’t have a great track record when it comes to photography.
The photographer suggested having engagement photos done in October or November at a local landmark, Camp Loughridge. I know we definitely want to include Moe and Gina. But there are so many questions to answer:
  • What should I wear?
  • Should I get my hair did??
  • Can we possibly get through this with pictures that don’t look totally corny???
  • Should Moe and Gina wear bridles or halters?
I am open to suggestions! You all have been so helpful with tips, ideas, suggestions, and feedback on previous Wedding Wednesday posts. I really, really appreciate all of you- you’re the best blog friends a girl could ask for!

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11 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Engagement photo ideas”

  1. I think that engagement photos should 'you'. Your own hair do, clothes you like but, are not over the top. Maybe a shirt change for different looks. Bring bridles and halters, again for different looks, you never know what will work best!

  2. My favorite engagement photos are the ones that look natural, my husband and I had ours done on the family farm. By the river where we would eventually have our ceremony. We wore blue jeans and white shirts and posed on a John Deere tractor. Then I went to the barn and brought my mare down for a few shots. Nothing fancy but I loved the photos.

  3. Speaking as someone who shoots ladies for a living i would highly suggest you get your hair and make up professionally done. Heres why. Film is not like real life and you will need that extra oomph to come across on film. I don't know if your guy is planning on using lights but even if hes not the less retouching someone has to do the better your photos will look. Also if you feel amazing with great hair and make up you will get better photos, as the idea is to translate how you feel onto film. That doesn't mean dont do it very natural if thats the look youre going or. A hair and make up person should be able to give you a natural look that wont look too made up but will help you look good on film. Also get your nails done the day before. Remember to have fun and dont worry about too much cheese, as they are engagement photos they will by definition have a little cheese. Talk to your photographer about what YOU want dont let him put your square peg into the round hole hes dug for the 200 people hes shot before you. If you have an idea thats different then what he suggests then tell him your thoughts!

  4. I wish I had my hair professionally done for my engagement session. I love the photos, but by the end of the set my self-performed blow out had frizzed up and started to curl. Not pretty.

    Otherwise, the hubs and I did a very relaxed shoot with an outfit change (from a dress to jeans, so I could mount my pony).

    I think (though I specialize in animals) that if your photographer is good at his/her job, the photos won't look corny. There has to be a bit of chemistry between y'all and the photog, so the smiles are natural. Make jokes. Laugh. Touch each other's butts. (I gave D a purple nurple in one of our sessions.) They aren't just there to take photos, they're there to capture memories and relationships and personalities. It should be fun!

  5. We did our engagement shoot with some of my hubs horses from home and out on his land. Really, pretty but definitely pack a bag of supplies such as extra brush for you and for horse, treats, and a small mirror if you want to check yourself out. Also, wear darker colors because god knows they will slobber on you at some point. I recommend bridles, but we were mounted up so that just worked out easier. I also think it look a bit more formal. Have fun!!

  6. have them wear bridles, yes do get your hair did but don't do something crazy expensive and check pinterest for ideas!! I've never done engagement photos but I've seen a lot!

  7. If the photographer is good (which I am sure they are) they will be able to capture you guys being you, even if you are being goofy, and still make the pics gorgeous. I tend to make stupid faces in pictures because just standing there smiling makes me feel like a weirdo. Our photographers made us feel comfortable and told corny jokes and kept calling us precious, so we just giggled together the whole time and got great photos. Evan is famous for closing his eyes in ALL PICTURES (to the point where he usually just wears sunglasses so you can't tell) and they even got his eyes open in all pictures.
    Just have fun being you guys!

  8. I did my own hair/make-up and my photos turned out fine. Do what will make you feel your best. We wore nice, but not fancy, clothes. For the horses, I'd take halters and bridles and see what works best.

  9. Browse others' photos and see which ones you like best, then take your cues from those shots. Are the horses in bridles and braided? Totally casual? Do the ladies look coiffed or au naturel?

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