Wedding Wednesday: Hat

The wedding is somehow five weeks away. Johnny pointed this out to me last night, and I broke out into a fit of hysterical laughter. April is absolutely jammed with horse and work related events, and I’ve been so focused on those things that I haven’t given any thought to the wedding. Well, other than celebrating the joy that is my hat.
Selfies in a large hat are hard.
I ordered my hat a few weeks ago from Kathi at Hat-A-Tude, who was an absolute pleasure to work with. She sent me a sample of the hat’s material so I could make sure it matched my dress and the turnaround time on the hat was quick. 
As soon as the hat came in, I promptly stuck it on my head and paraded around the house for the rest of the night, proclaiming that I planned to wear it every day for the rest of my life.
While I haven’t exactly gone that far, I am super excited about it! In fact, this is one of the only things I’ve been super excited about. (The other thing is desserts.) 

I’ve also be happy to hear from various family members and friends that they’ve been shopping for hats and are looking forward to decorating them and wearing them for the wedding. I’m thrilled so many people are truly embracing the Kentucky Derby party aspect of this thing!

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    1. Even of you were it's your day and so long as your happy that's the main thing…or maybe I'm selfish in my view of the world *blush*

  1. Your hat is fabulous! I'm excited to see the wedding pics of you and your guests, sounds like people are keen to participate in the theme 🙂

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