Wedding Wednesday: Save the date

I finally got around to getting some save-the-date cards put together. I’m meeting with a printing shop in Tulsa this afternoon to discuss paper options, quantities, etc. 
I’m secretly relieved we haven’t taken any engagement photos; I would have felt obligated to put them on the save-the-date card. It’s not that I don’t think Johnny, the horses, and I are an attractive bunch, but previous attempts at professional photos together haven’t turned out particularly well. 
Invitations are next on my list; I’ve made a rough draft, but feel like it needs some adjustment.
What did y’all do for save-the-dates and invitations?

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12 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Save the date”

  1. Love those!
    I made our invites and had them printed online. Didn't cost much, but I didn't get to play around with fancy paper. But I was really happy with how they came out.

  2. Love your mint julep invites! My husband is a former DJ so our Save the Date postcards (from Etsy) had a little record player on them and a "scratch off" area in the center where our names and date were. This was 5 years ago but I still really love those things! 🙂 I am very much a fan of all things non-traditional wedding.

  3. We're going no-photos, too. We have family friends who own a stationery shop and are doing the invites, so we're going to do the same style for both – something Art Deco-y.

  4. Very cute!!!!!
    We did magnets for the Save the Date (the wedding was held in SF and most of my family is in OH so I used a photo I took of the Golden Gate) and cute cards I found on Etsy for the invitations!!!
    One thing we did that was a little out of the ordinary (at least in 2010) was ask that guests just email their confirmations vs. mailing them back. Saved a little money and was easier for the guests. That said- we only had 35 people so it was pretty small group 🙂

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