Wedding Wednesday: When you don’t like a vendor

Finding vendors for a wedding is easy. Johnny and I attended a wedding show in Tulsa last summer, which was filled with vendors for everything from cake to bridal boot camp. It’s a very efficient way to gather information and compare prices. We found our photographer, printer, venue, and DJ through the show, and even got a discount on a few services because of wedding show specials. 
For the most part, the vendors we’ve worked with have been great. Our photographer understands that we want many pictures of the horses and knows how to shoot them. Our venue has been absolutely accommodating and pleasant. The print shop has been enthusiastic about our ideas and easy to communicate with via email. (That’s important to us.)
The DJ, on the other hand…
When we chatted with the representatives at the wedding show, they were funny, relaxed, and seemed to understand we were looking for a company that could provide MC services and music in a low-key way. We aren’t planning to have dancing; we’re planning to have a short ceremony, a cocktail hour to watch the race, and dinner. I’m hoping to be home by 9 PM. The reps we spoke with seemed into that. 
A couple months later, we set up a meeting to go over the contract and put down a deposit. We were greeted by a man who was not someone we’d spoken with at the show. He was unprofessional and bordered on rude. He wasn’t sure of our names and asked if we were the winners of some kind of contest. He accused me of not replying to emails or answering calls, neither of which I’d received. He dropped “retarded” into the conversation more than once, which I thought was offensive and an odd choice to use with strangers. Despite all this, we signed the contract and put down a deposit anyway; we’d liked the people at the wedding show a lot and figured this idiot couldn’t possibly be representative of everyone at the company.
Yesterday, we met with the DJ company again. The meeting was at noon- when I’d contacted them about the meeting, the receptionist told me that they only set up meetings between 10 AM and 4 PM at their office, which is in a very inconvenient part of Tulsa to both Johnny and me. I took the entire day off work (which is unpaid) and Johnny took an extended lunch. I was under the impression we’d be meeting the DJ who would be performing at the wedding and going over generalities like genre of music desired for the reception, wedding time, etc. 
We met with a young woman who informed us she was not our DJ and she didn’t know who our DJ would be because she couldn’t access network files because something was wrong with her computer. She asked if we had any specific song requests for various parts of the wedding (e.g. processional, recessional, etc); we didn’t, because we weren’t informed we needed those at this point. She promised to email me an Excel form and we could fill in songs, write notes, and send it back. She explained that we’d meet with our DJ a final time approximately 2 weeks before the event to finalize everything.
Basically, the meeting accomplished nothing. It was a waste of everyone’s time. I cannot understand why they wanted to meet in person. I am annoyed that their representatives have been unprofessional and disorganized. The only productive thing that came out of this meeting is that I very firmly informed this young woman that under no circumstances did I want the man we met with last time at our wedding. (If he’s the person at the meeting before the wedding, I will tell him to GTFO.)
I am hesitant to seek out another DJ company; we’re getting fairly close to the date, and I know May is a popular time for weddings. But I also don’t want this company to do something stupid like play Michael BublĂ© on loop throughout the reception. Other than having one very abrasive employee and being into pointless meetings, they haven’t done anything seriously wrong; they’ve just been really annoying.
What do y’all think? Should I give these guys the benefit of the doubt? Should I start searching for another company? Did you have any terrible vendors? Is it appropriate to punch that idiot guy in the mouth next time I see him?

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10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: When you don’t like a vendor”

  1. Go with your gut and find another DJ! This does not bode well at all… Ask around your area for good DJ's that people have used in the past, there is nothing like personal recommendations for services like this!

  2. I would look into other vendors – the day is an important one, and not having the right type of DJ (one who understands their role in YOUR day) could really impact the celebrations for all. Music is important, and it should be done right, and for me, I wouldn't be comfortable giving these people my money. They are inconsistent in service. If you really liked them that much, I would maybe call and get in contact one last time, explain what you are looking for from them, and give them one last chance before calling it.

  3. Find another DJ! I tried to get rid of as much foreseeable stress as I could through out the wedding planning process. If people were a bit rude…gone.
    Alternately, maybe if you speak with someone higher up in the company and "voice your displeasure" (that is what my husband calls complaining hehe) they will work harder to earn your business and might give you a discount.

  4. I would seriously find someone else. They're is no reason to leave something as important as music up to a company that hires a man like that. Heck you would be better of with a laptop, spotify, a friend, and rented speakers.

  5. yikes – good luck! your experiences definitely don't inspire a lot of confidence – except from the big expo, where they'd naturally put their best faces forward…

  6. Yikes! If you aren't 100% comfortable then I would start looking elsewhere but I second what Lauren said, check your contract to see what the clause is for cancellations. Sometimes they come along with some hefty penalties! Bottom line though, your wedding day will be stressful enough getting ready, nerves, etc. and if you are going to be worrying about the music because of your experiences then I would advise finding a new person.

  7. Can you get in contact with the people you originally spoke with and express your concerns? This situation exactly is why I went with an independent DJ and not someone from a company – that way I knew exactly who I was getting. If you aren't happy with what they tell you, I'd look elsewhere. But your deposit would probably be lost.

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