Weekend Excitement

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend in Tulsa: sunny, warm, minimally breezy. I planned to ride on Sunday; Saturday was to be spent working on various household projects with Johnny. We decided to wash our cars on Saturday morning- they were all looking crusty and dingy from the wintery weather a few weeks ago. Instead of dropping money at the local car wash, we hooked up a hose, turned the water on, and started washing. The water pressure seemed low, but we didn’t think too much about it.

Or at least we didn’t until Johnny went inside to get a tissue and sprinted back out the door to shriek “THERE’S WATER ALL OVER THE FLOOR!”

Uh, what?

It appears a pipe has burst or at the very least sprung a leak. The spigot on the front of our house is just outside the master bedroom closet; our house is not very large (~1400 square feet, and I think that’s counting the garage), so the water flowed into the master bedroom closet, the bedroom itself, both of the other bedrooms, a linen closet, and the hallway connecting all of these things. Fortunately, we didn’t have much on the floor, and what was there wasn’t important.

Master bedroom, which is 100 degrees & smells like a swamp.

Instead of spending a fun Sunday at the barn, we spent it watching our super awesome carpet restoration guy Jerry set up thirteen fans, a giant dehumidifer, and a plastic wall to keep the dehumidifer limited to the damaged end of the house. We’re getting to learn how homeowner’s insurance works, all while sleeping in and living in one half of our house. It’s the half with the kitchen/dining area, laundry room, pantry, and living room, which means I’m sleeping on the sofa, Johnny’s on a camping pad on the kitchen floor, and the dogs and cats are huddling with us, uncertain why their favorite areas are blocked off and why it’s so damn noisy.

The blue carpeted bedroom, featuring some gross stains.
Yes, that’s a purple room with a pink carpet. IT CAME THAT WAY.

We’re hoping to have this resolved soon; in the meantime, I get to hang out at home (with the noise) and wait for Jerry to drop by to measure the drying progress, cut out part of a wall so the insulation can dry, and hold my breath every time I go through the plastic wall to get to a bathroom.

Hopefully I can get Jerry on a schedule so I can get out to the barn before the nasty weather drops later this week!

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