Weekend in numbers

13: Number of hours I spent at the dressage show on Saturday. This is what happens when you’re in charge of managing a show with 85 rides!

12: Approximate number of minutes I had to warm up my friend’s horse at his very first show before riding him in his very first dressage test.

Photo by this horse’s owner!

11: Approximate number of sad, tiny, baby whinnies friend’s horse let out during his test.

10: Number of hours I slept on Saturday after staggering in the door at 10:30 PM. Luxury!

9: Number of complaints I fielded about the arena footing at the show.

8: Number of people who volunteered at the show throughout the day. Consider this a plea on behalf of your local organization for your help!

7: Number of times I revised the stupid ride times.

6: Number of leftover pizzas I took home from the show.  I suppose there are some perks to show management.

5: Number of points Gina’s First 2 test improved from the last show!


4: Number of giant, sandy deep spots in the dressage ring.

3: Average number of times I had to calculate each test I was scoring before I arrived at two final scores that were the same.

2: Number of times Gina wigged out and pulled back when I loaded her up to go home for the night. Also the number of times she galloped off to the far end of the show grounds after pulling back. Also the number of times I contemplated beating her.

1: Number of baby horses born at the barn this weekend! An extra half hour for baby horse snuggles has already been budgeted into my barn time.

Mama Gia and her new colt!
Mama Gia and her new colt!

What did y’all get up to this weekend?

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23 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

  1. Stephanie- you did an amazing job. I’m actually thankful that I ended up volunteering instead of riding at that awful place. I will never send another person there as a customer.

    The show was fabulous, footing was shitty (not our fault!), the kids had fun, I learned how to score a test much like you struggled to get the same score, and I can’t wait to spend more time helping this fabulous group of people!!!

    And now I can’t wait to hug the baby after I get off work! 🙂

    1. I’ll admit, I contemplated just leaving her there. I’m certain the trainer at this place would have figured out something to do with her.

    1. I couldn’t do much about the arena complaints. I let the facility owners know; they dragged the arena during our lunch break (which didn’t really help). I mostly just assured people that a) I knew about the problem, b) I’d let the owners know about the problem, and c) we wouldn’t use this facility for future shows. The footing really WAS bad- I’m not normally one to complain about that kind of thing, but this was a hot mess.

  2. Baby horsie!! So cute. What’s up with your stirrups in that picture? I probably would have done more than contemplate beating Gina. Did she at least bother to look guilty?

    1. I have no idea what’s up with my stirrups hahaha! I think it was probably a combination of the angle of the photo, me sitting crookedly, and this horse being built like a sofa.

      Gina definitely did not look guilty. She looked fucking crazy and like, “MAKE ME GET IN THE TRAILER AGAIN! SEE WHAT HAPPENS!”

  3. You can totally out me as the “friend” and Roscoe as the horse. And the two of you did great, even without the warm-up time. The three of us (you, me, and Roscoe) are going to keep working on Prix Caprilli, I hope. I cannot believe that Gina ran off when you tried to load her, except I can. What a day. At some point I will write a guest blog about me and Roscoe, I promise.

  4. Your Saturday is exhausting just reading about it. And you rode 3 tests yourself right?! 2 on Gina, one on Friend’s Horse? That’s a long day. Especially with Miss Gina’s behavior! Naughty!!!! Glad you got 10 hours of sleep afterward!
    Can you be sure to include regular baby horse photos on the blog? SO CUTE!

    1. I did ride 3 tests (2 on Gina, 1 on Roscoe)! It was a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG day, and I feel like I need 10 more hours of sleep today. 😛

      You know this blog is going to be like 80% baby horse pictures now that there is a baby horse to photograph.

  5. Omg so busy tho – 85 riders?!? How many arenas did you need? Glad you had a good ride on Roscoe and Gina tho – can’t wait to hear more details about how she was good for her ride (even if she was SUPER naughty for the trailer!)

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