Weekend in numbers

10: Number of times I started looking at paint colors for new house. Also number of times I said, “But what if we just painted everything Jargon Jade?”

9: Number of times the people behind us at the Tulsa Drillers game started a sentence with, “Well, MY ex- wife…”

ONEOK Field is a fun stadium!
ONEOK Field is a fun stadium!

8: Number of times I assured Johnny that Gina would not try to kill him if he rode her on Sunday.

7: Number of tacos eaten this weekend; also number of times I considered making every night Taco Tuesday when planning meals for the week.

6: Number of times Johnny said, “Gina listens so well!” while watching me deal with a snorting, bouncing Moe in the hay meadow.

Gina not even thinking about attempting murder.
Gina not even thinking about attempting murder.

5: Number of hot dogs I thought real hard about eating at the baseball game.

4: Times I reminded myself that I’d like to feel better about the way I look in white breeches.

3: Number of hot dogs I actually ate.

2: Laps around the hay meadow made on Sunday because Johnny was having fun on Gina. Also number of times Johnny trotted on Gina. Also number of times I nearly came off Moe because he was upset he wasn’t trotting, too.

1: Naps taken this weekend. After more than a month of weekend commitments, it was seriously luxurious!

How was your weekend?

Author: Stephanie

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16 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

  1. Ah! I love these posts that you do!
    1. I like Jargon Jade a lot!! So natural and colorful and fresh.
    2. “Gina listens so well!” LOL Clearly he didn’t have to load Gina.
    3. Girl, I feel the same about breeches. Uh, except it’s jeans for me 😉

    1. our current bedroom is painted Jargon Jade and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! I don’t know if I would love it as much if the entire house was that color, but you can bet that new master bedroom will be painted Jargon Jade.

      And Gina was so perfect for Johnny that I briefly considered strangling them both.

    1. I like gray colors too; our two spare bedrooms are painted a dreamy light gray that I fantasize about putting in every room. (except the jargon jade room, of course.)

  2. No lies, I thought that stadium was the One K stadium at first. I couldn’t figure out why there was baseball, not ponies.

    Jargon Jade is lovely. You should 100% dump a can of that on your whole house.

  3. I think an entire house or Jargon Jane might be a bit much. Johnny looks so tall on Gina. I’m glad she was good for him though.

  4. I paint all my walls white because I’m uninspired. But also, I can change color schemes with accessories instead of paint, because ugh painting.
    Love that jade color though, so pretty!
    Your by the numbers posts are always my favorite. Nice work on not overindulging on hot dogs (seriously, why ARE they so good?)

  5. If you love the colour go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?

    Life by the numbers seems like fun. 🙂

  6. I agree that everyday should be taco tuesday. A few weeks ago I had tacos/some sort of mexican food for like 5 nights in a row. I was so proud of myself lol

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