Weekend in numbers

10: Number of boxes Johnny and I surreptitiously moved into our new house’s shop building. The latest word is that we’ll officially close on Wednesday, but we had to get some of the boxes out of the old house in order to clean and continue packing!

9:  Number of souvlaki I thought about eating at the Tulsa Greek Festival on Saturday night. (Stress eating kebabs is a perfectly acceptable activity, right?)

8:  Number of beers we managed to drink while holed up in the local La Quinta with nothing else to do. Cable TV and delivery pizza is only somewhat improved by alcohol.

Giant tote bag FTW!
Giant tote bag FTW!

7:  Number of dogs hanging out at the barn this weekend, including Buttons and Lurkee. I can’t tell if the two of them are having the best time ever or if they just want to go home and return to sleeping on the sofa for 20 hours a day.

Nasty, nasty barn dogs.
Nasty, nasty barn dogs.

6: Number of fans removed from the old house on Friday, which means renovation work can get started soon!

5: Approximate number of revisions I made to this weekend’s schooling show ride times. Don’t volunteer to be a show secretary; friends and acquaintances will begin to think you’re trying to ruin their lives via ride times because you can’t schedule everyone between 10 and 11 AM.

4: Number of buckets of Pine-Sol solution used to mop the areas of the house that were flooded by sewer water. Somehow, this still doesn’t seem like enough.

3: Number of laps in each direction Candy made over ground poles at a trot! She handled a little course of ground poles in the indoor arena with zero fuss (and only a few zoomies)!

2: Hours of napping I enjoyed on Sunday in between doing loads of laundry and packing.

1: Weeks until I’m in Pennsylvania for Devon! (Well, slightly less than that- I arrive Sunday!)

Work's Devon booth a couple of years ago.
Work’s Devon booth a couple of years ago.

How was your weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

    1. I am totally ready to close on the house! The sewer water is not my favorite, although the house has been thoroughly disinfected and cleaned by the nice water damage restoration people, so it is at least not germy or too smelly.

  1. Countdown to Devon. Woot. If you can, while you’re in the area, get a real Philly cheesesteak, go to WaWa and get a turkey gobbler and tasty cakes, and get water ice with custard from Rita’s (pronounced wooder ice). Oh man, I wanna go with you just for the food.

  2. Yay Candy! Sounds busy but super productive (and yes I’m including the “sitting around drinking beer doing nothing” in the “productive” category lol)

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