Weekend in numbers

10: Average number of hours I spent each day on the show grounds (and each day’s set-up and take-down at this show was pretty easy!)

9: Number of dogs that visited the store over the weekend. I saw Corgis, Morkies, Huskies, and Labs!


8: Number of times I thought riders were going to collide during Sunday’s extremely patriotic performance by the DVCTA Quad Squad.


7: Number of times I considered going up to the Dubarry booth to buy a pair of boots; also the number of times I decided the Dubarry people were too intimidatingly pretty to talk to.

6: Number of Lipizzans I saw perform throughout the weekend, the most notable of which was a very saggy-bellied, sweet-faced gelding. I asked about him when one of the handlers stopped in the store and learned his name is Huey, he’s 19, and everyone loves him. (I did not receive an explanation about his pregnant-mare belly.)

Not Huey, but cool.
Not Huey, but cool.

5: Number of souvenirs I bought over the weekend. What can I say? I’m a sucker for shirts and hats and posters and such!

4: Number of ceiling tiles that fell down in the store’s booth; to the woman who had a ceiling tile fall on her while she was trying on breeches, I’m so sorry.

3: Number of bottles of wine I split on Saturday night.


2: Number of bloggers aforementioned bottles of wine were split with! Austen and Emma made the trek up to Pennsylvania to say hello, shop, and watch the Grand Prix! I was absolutely delighted to meet them, and now wish I lived in the northeast so I could see the two of them (and Alli) more often.

I mean, the ring crew was dressed as Disney princesses. This picture is Austen's, but I took it.
I mean, the ring crew was dressed as Disney princesses. This picture is Austen’s, but I took it from her.

1: Very long, very fun weekend behind me! I’m off to Houston tomorrow for USDF Region 9, then I finally get to go home and enjoy my new house!

What did y’all get up to this weekend?


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  1. ha i think i’m still recovering from coming to meet you lol – dressage at Devon was not AT ALL what i expected, in the best possible way! i had so much fun and we definitely need to do that again soon 🙂

    1. It was SO SO SO fun!!!!!! I am absolutely thrilled I met you and Austen, and I had a great time. I am definitely still recovering…with margaritas at the airport.

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