Weekend in numbers

10: Number of hours I slept on Saturday night thanks to the end of daylight savings time! I’m already digging the earlier sunrise, even though I’ve never been a fan of darkness at 5 PM.

9: Approximate number of really interesting old buildings I saw in downtown Pawhuska, Oklahoma (population ~3500). Johnny and I were there for early voting (it’s the county seat), but a lot of people were there to visit the newly-opened Mercantile; it’s owned by The Pioneer Woman and is located in one of the aforementioned interesting old buildings. We didn’t visit the store, as the line for it and its restaurant stretched around a city block!

Can you find the cat?
Can you find the cat?

8: Number of weeks left in the year, which I realized yesterday. I’m already starting to reflect on 2016 and dreaming of 2017 show schedules.

7: Number of celery stalks I chopped during a knife skills class Johnny and I attended Saturday night.

I also made this rose from a tomato.
I also made this rose from a tomato.

6: Number of stops on the short loop of the hiking trail at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. After voting, we took a short drive north to visit the preserve, which consists of 39,000+ acres of fully-functioning tallgrass prairie ecosystem. It was really neat to see some of the things I learned studying natural resources management in real life, and to contemplate what it must have been like for pioneers crossing this endless sea of grass.

Way down yonder on the Indian Nation, I rode my pony on the reservation, through those Oklahoma hills where I was born...
Way down yonder on the Indian Nation, I rode my pony on the reservation, through those Oklahoma hills where I was born.

5: Number of times Gina and I attempted to herd Moe from the hay meadow back into his paddock; also number of times we failed! Moe and Gina are currently residing in a paddock that’s adjacent to the boarding barn’s lower hay meadow, and I often go through their paddock to go hacking out there. When my friend Holly and I went to go ride in the hay meadow yesterday, I left the gate open for Moe. He spent our whole ride eating, and he did not want to go back in! Gina isn’t meant to be a cutting horse, but she was a good sport about trying to herd him around, and Moe went quietly once I dismounted to lead him in.


4: Number of sushi rolls I split with Johnny on Saturday night. Also the number of sushi rolls I could have eaten by myself.

3: Number of 5.0+ M earthquakes Oklahoma’s had this year, including last night’s. Oklahoma: where natural disasters try to kill you year-round!

2: Number of adorable puppies I tried to smuggle home from the barn this weekend.

1: Number of loads of hay delivered! I’m relieved that I could acquire 200 square bales of hay this weekend- that means I can finally get the ponies totally on my own care!


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