Weekend in numbers

10: Number of furniture pieces my in-laws brought us this weekend! Furniture is one of those things I can’t bring myself to spend money on, so when my in-laws offered to let us have as much furniture as we wanted from the house they were selling, I jumped at the chance to take it. Now we have some patio furniture and a sleeper sofa (among other things), and I’m ready for visitors or a party (or both)!

Buttons on a pillow
Buttons enjoying the new sofa and throw pillows.

9: Hours slept on Saturday night after spending all day doing yard work with Johnny’s parents on Saturday. I was exhausted!
8: Bags of dirt purchased to fill in low spots and holes in our yard; hopefully this will mean I don’t bounce my water bottle out of the mower next time I cut the grass.
7: Number of hours spent doing yard work with Johnny’s parents on Saturday. I think that’s more hours than I spent doing yard work last year.

It looks good, though!

6: Weeks until Gina’s due date! I’m excited. And nervous!

Gina’s starting to look rounder!

5: Times I hid in the bathroom in an effort to take a break from yard work.
4: Number of projects Johnny’s mom has noted for their next visit to Oklahoma. (I mean, I’m glad to have the help, but my weekends are usually spent riding and napping on the sofa, so…)
3: Number of chapters I read of The Unicorn Quest by John Lee, the latest entrant into my log of books with horses on the cover. I mean, I guess they’re actually unicorns, but whatever.
2: Number of rides I squeezed in between furniture moving and gardening!
1: Number of amazing deviled egg plates bequeathed to me by my in-laws. I’m legitimately excited to add this thing to my collection of party platters.


What did y’all get up to this weekend?

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16 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

    1. Ugh, same. I have more crape myrtles to prune and a big flower bed along the front of the house to clean up. I guess it’s better to get it all done before it’s 100 degrees every day for three months…

    1. I know! I’m so excited to see what Gina manages to produce. (Really, I’m just excited to see if it’s gray and if I’ll have to start writing its sale ad.)

  1. Ugh yard work. We had a bad storm Wednesday and there’s snow and giant tree limbs absolutely everywhere. I spent most of the weekend still waiting of the power to come back on! But also lots of time grooming the ponies, so that was lovely!
    I can’t believe only six more weeks until Gina’s baby! AHHHH!!!! So exciting!

  2. We never do yard work. Our yard actually looks like something out of a parody skit on redneck trash. It’s dirt/weeds with a bunch of cheap plastic grass carpets scattered about. And a sodden mattress in the corner. Maybe we should do some yard work…

  3. I’m somewhat thankful I never redid our landscaping in front of the house after we ripped out the old stuff, even if we look like losers. I have a black thumb and better things to do, lol. Now I have a deviled egg craving!

    1. The people we bought the house from thankfully did not have very elaborate landscaping. We let it get kind of wild last year, though- beds on the front and back of the house had tons of grass growing in them and several dying shrubs. The stuff by the patio/pool is mostly crape myrtles, which I like and don’t mind pruning. I just have to make the time…which is just so unappealing lol

  4. Oh, I love a good deviled egg plate!!! Deviled eggs is one of my specialties!!! And that’s a great one. And it says happy Easter! Easter is my favorite! Score!!!
    That Gina better hold that baby in until after Rolex!!

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