Weekend in numbers

Gina is a pretty princess.

10: Number of granola bars purchased at Walgreens on my way to the barn once I realized I’d forgotten to resupply on horse treats.

9: Number of e-books I put on hold at the library. (They’re all dreadfully tacky-looking fantasy novels, for which I’m a sucker.)

8: Number of times I assured my mother that she did not, in fact, have to wear a hat to the wedding if she really felt she didn’t look good in one.

7: Number of pairs of field boots I helped a customer try on at 6 PM Friday- you know, when the store was supposed to close. (Good thing I genuinely like helping people.)

6: Servings of Diet Coke consumed at the movies Saturday afternoon. Johnny and I saw Jupiter Ascending, which we knew nothing about before watching. (Before the movie, Johnny said, “I think it’s about Mila Kunis cleaning toilets in space or something.”)

5: Number of hours I spent feeling awful after drinking so much Diet Coke.

4: Number of granola bars Gina ate before deciding they weren’t good enough for her majesty. She spat the fifth out, and I fed the rest to Moe in a fit of pique.

3: Number of people who sat in my most recent test ride saddle, a Hennig Princess. Also the number of people who agreed it was a very nice saddle.

Oh, Hennig, if only you weren’t $3500+.

2: Number of times I ate at Whataburger. It was not a good weekend for food. Blerg.

1: Number of totally awesome dressage rides I had on Gina, which makes me less annoyed with her. A win-win.

What were y’all up to this weekend?

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15 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

    1. I feel pretty ambivalent about it! It wasn't a great movie by any measure, but I didn't think it was totally dreadful. Like, if I was flipping channels and saw it was on, I'd leave it on while I cleaned the house or something.

  1. I was excited that Channing Tatum (drool, love him) was in Ascending Jupiter but then I saw that he looks so weird. So not interested. My husband kind of wants to see it…so I might end up going.

    I never thought of granola bars and a horse treat in a pinch…stealing that idea 🙂

    1. I was surprised at how weird he looked (I didn't think it was him for a bit- I kept expecting him to show up later)! I don't find him particularly attractive, so that wasn't a dealbreaker for me. 😉

      Granola bars are great horse treats- Moe loves them! I don't know WHY Gina ate a few and then started spitting them out. She is just a brat like that, I guess.

    1. "Mila Kunis cleans toilets in space or something" isn't a terrible description lol

      If you go see it, don't think too hard about what is happening, or you will become increasingly confused/irritated.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I have to agree with Tracy… wtf LOL

    Nothing too exciting for me! Ellie had her tootsies trimmed and I cleaned my barn which was dustier than the barn, itself. I will never understand that!

    1. lolz I've never seen Magic Mike, but I know the basic premise (as does everyone in America, I think), so there were many muttered Magic Mike jokes between Johnny and me during the movie.

      I just don't find Channing Tatum very attractive? Like, he just looks sort of square and squinty? I did enjoy Step Up, though, because DANCING!

    2. Love dancing movies!
      The Step Up Franchise has been fun easy viewing, the story lines and "acting" get progressively worse but the dancing consistently more awesome ☺

  3. lol love this post!! Gina turning her nose up at the granola bars sounds exactly like what my mare would do (after she had her fill too haha)

  4. That saddle looks lovely & fair play to you helping that client with field boots at the end of the day. I too lol'd at Gina's sudden loss of granola appetite. Glad your ride went well though ☺
    One of my friends had decided she wants to see Jupiter Ascending, I will prob go with her but am under no illusions as to what kind of film I'll be viewing lol.

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