Weekend in numbers

Johnny was in Houston all weekend; he left Thursday and returned yesterday. With Johnny out of town, I got a glimpse of what my life would look like were I a single lady.


10: Approximate number of trips made to the barn. Hey, when all you have to hang out with is some cats and dogs, and you don’t have to make dinner for anyone, you can go to the barn all you want!

9: Number of small children competing at the barn’s fun show on Sunday. (It seemed like at least 10x that.)

8: Number of hours spent at Saturday’s horse show. (Those western dressage classes seem to take forever.)

7: Number of horses available for riding at Sunday’s fun show, which led to lots of squabbling amongst the childrens. 

6: Judge’s favorite number on my dressage test. Gina and I scored a few 6.5s and 7s for a total of 63.5, which is fine by me.

5: Number of small children to wrangle at the dressage show. Where do they come from??

4: Number of hours of sleep I got Friday night after Richal requested I get to the barn at 5 AM on Saturday. (My alarm went off at 3:45 AM….UGH.)

3: Place Gina and I ended up at Saturday’s show.

2: Number of No Hour Wasted’s adorable ponies I met this weekend! Pippin and Babe are so friendly and so pleasant and love cookies so much.

1: Number of bottles of wine I drank Thursday night. Doesn’t everyone drink when they’re left to their own devices??

How was your weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

    1. For me, it's kind of fun for like…a day, and then I am totally lost on what to do at night. Like…who am I supposed to watch TV with? The cat? Is there even a point to staying up past 9 PM??

    1. Thanks! I kind of love drinking a whole bottle of wine and trying to do something productive. (Except I usually give up and like…go to bed after 15 minutes.)

  1. My guy likes to joke around that the only reason he's still in my life is that he works shift work. which gives me lots of guilt free barn time. Amazing how kids at the barn seem to be everywhere, but when you finally get them all in one place, the actual number of children is much lower than anyone imagined 🙂 Congrats on your 3rd place!

    1. Thank you! And OMG for real, 5 small children at a horse show DEFINITELY seems like at least 15. They are so busy, all the time. Or asking you for help bridling their horse. Or asking where their saddle pad went. Or asking you what time they ride. I mean, I enjoy them, but they exhaust me!

  2. When my husband is away I generally go shopping at IKEA (which he hates), drink a bottle of wine and eat crackers/cheese for dinner while watching Heartland on Netflix. I am usually bored out of my mind by 8 pm and go to sleep. Congrats on your 3rd place! 🙂

  3. When my husband is gone for long periods of time, I buy things. Since he's military and currently a med student, that means he's away from home a ton. Basically, I tell him he's lucky I still have only one horse.

  4. haha this is awesome. congrats on a fun show and some nice satin! boo to getting up so early, but meeting friendly internet-famous horses more than makes up for it 🙂

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