Weekend in numbers

10: Number of times I asked my mother “What do you think people wear to the Kentucky Derby, Mom?!” as I tried to assure my mother that the wedding wasn’t going to be ‘redneck’, ‘trashy’, or ‘some awful hillbilly thing’. She is convinced this is the worst idea I’ve ever had. Thanks, Mom.

9: Number trips made to our local Ace Hardware in an effort to fix our lawnmower. That small engines class I took in high school is really paying off, I guess.

8: Number of tacos eaten. (Hey, it was over the course of two days.)

7: Number of times I had my student drop her stirrups in her lesson. Also number of times I scolded her “Don’t look down when you’re picking them back up! They didn’t go anywhere; they’re where you left them!”

6: Number of times I asked Johnny if we could have an ice sculpture of Moe at the wedding.

5: Number of saddle pads I considered buying at my local tack store during their summer clearance sale. (Number I actually bought: 1. Boring!)

4: Number of people who have told me they’ve already started working on their Derby hats for the wedding. (They’re so motivated and creative, and are totally putting me to shame.)

3: Number of samples I ate at the wedding show I dragged Johnny to on Sunday. (Full disclosure: Totally would have been more if there hadn’t been so many people.)

2: Number of venue reps I asked, “How do you feel about horses?” during aforementioned wedding show. (We’re trying to have a backup plan in case Richal’s barn is unsuitable.) Both were totally fine with horses, although one was very concerned about who was going to be responsible for picking up the poop.

1: Number of times I managed to get to the barn this weekend. (Disappointing!)

How was your weekend?

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