Weekend in numbers

Asgaard & Richal. Asgaard is 1/2 Friesian, 1/4 Arabian, & 1/4 Saddlebred. 100% cute.

10: Approximate number of Friesians or Friesian crosses I saw at the show this weekend! One of the teams for the adult team competition was appropriately named Fabulous Friesian Fillies.

9: Number of times people confused the tack trailer for the show office on Friday afternoon.

8: Number of high point awards I presented on behalf of work at the Green Country Dressage Classic. Presenting awards is so fun! Can I be a professional award presenter?

7: Number of pieces of pizza I had at the Friday night competitor’s party. Hey, don’t judge me.

6: Number of times one of the judges told me about her very recent colonoscopy while I was driving her from the airport to her hotel. And it was only a half-hour car ride.

5: Number of massaging grooming mitts I sold on Saturday; I had to go back to the store early Sunday morning to get some more! One woman told me she was tired of using the one she’d bought for her horse and wanted one for herself!

4: Number of helmet boxes almost ruined by rain; I’d shoved them under the trailer so they wouldn’t blow away, and they got soaked by water running under the trailer during Friday night’s rainstorm. Several hours in front of a fan on Saturday mostly dried them out.

How much do I hate outdoor setups? A LOT.
How much do I hate outdoor setups? A LOT. You can see that pink shirt is trying its hardest to blow off the rack, despite being strapped down!

3: Number of tickets I purchased from a junior rider for the 4H club’s raffle. What’s the prize? A yearling Paint gelding. I think Johnny might divorce me if I end up with that horse.

2: Number of adorable Haflingers at the show. Seriously, could they be any cuter trotting around a dressage arena?

1: Number of rated dressage shows my GMO puts on; thank god for that, because I don’t think I could handle more than one!

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