Weekend in numbers


10: Number of hours I slept on Saturday night, which still didn’t make my weird allergy/cold/whatever go away.

9: Number of cups of tea consumed in an effort to heal myself from whatever grossness I caught from Johnny. (Damn it, Johnny.)

8: Approximate number of minutes I spent in the saddle making sure my new stirrup leathers were a good length before I staggered off Moe on Friday morning. (I spent the rest of the day on the sofa.)

7: Meals eaten out this weekend; they weren’t all from Whataburger, but I kind of wish they had been.

6: Number of donuts Moe ate on Sunday morning.

5: Number of laps around the hay field Johnny and I rode.

4: Number of laps around the hay field Moe trotted some of the way, regardless of what Johnny actually wanted him to do.

There were many circles around hay bales to slow Moe down.
There were many circles around hay bales to slow Moe down.

3: Number of boxes of tissues used.

2: Number of books I managed to read in between falling asleep on the sofa and pitifully blowing my nose.

1: Number of weekends I’ll permit myself to be ill; seriously, body, there’s a show next weekend, so get it together!

How was your weekend? I hope it wasn’t as mucous filled as mine.

Author: Stephanie

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12 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

  1. I dunno what was going around. But i had itlast weekend or so. When I texted you. I was a zombie and just wanted sleep. Need anything from tn? I’ll be driving thru this weekend .

    1. Maybe it’s allergies? I feel like I hear “And today’s pollen count is high!” daily on NPR. 🙁

      I need country ham from Tennessee. My supply is dwindling!! 😛

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