Weekend in numbers

10: Number of trees I pruned/cut down with my favorite tool of all time, the reciprocating saw.

9: Number of donuts Moe ate Sunday afternoon. Unsurprisingly, the apple fritters were his favorite.

8: Number of times Johnny complained about the cold, windy weather after I persuaded him to come riding.


7: Number of times Moe started cantering while hacking in the hay meadow; also the number of times I was concerned Johnny might actually fall off the horse.

6: Number of half halts required to slow Moe down to an extended trot.

5: Number of properties I fantasized about buying in the UK after finding a job I am totally qualified for at the British Horse Society.

4: Number of hours spent hauling brush out of the back yard. Some advice if you’re house-hunting: don’t buy the place with beautiful, elaborate landscaping unless you’re REALLY into gardening. Buy a house whose yard is rocks.

3: Number of weekends I’ve now put off cleaning Moe’s sheath because the weather is cold. Next weekend, smegma. I’m coming for you.

2: Number of beers I had Saturday night before falling asleep while playing Pokemon on my DS. #oldmillenialprobs

1: Number of times I practiced the Prix Caprilli walk/trot test on my friend’s horse in preparation for taking him to the next dressage show. Turns out dressage with tiny jumps is super fun on a horse who will trot up to, over, and away from crossrails at a perfectly sedate pace.

How was your weekend?

1 is also the number of majestic mares I own
1 is also the number of majestic mares I own

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20 thoughts on “Weekend in numbers”

  1. 9 seems like a lot of donuts. How does Moe not have diabetes? Also, were the donuts fed before the cantering episodes? Maybe he was on a sugar high.
    On the landscaping note, my yard is made out of dirt/mud, plastic outdoor fake grass carpets from the clearance bin at home depot and weeds. The nice thing about it is, it’s so horrible, there’s no reason to even try to care about it or work on it at all.

    1. He ate about half the donuts before riding, so it’s totally possible he was on a sugar high. I don’t know how he doesn’t have diabetes, but his recent bloodwork was excellent. Maybe donuts *are* the secret to a long and healthy life. 😛

      I envy your too-horrible-to-care-yard!!

  2. Add me to the list of UK job dreamers and property sales ad browsers 🙂 Sounds like you had a very productive weekend!

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