Weekend in numbers: wedding edition

Gina, me, me, Johnny, best man Matt, matron of honor Amy, & Moe

10: Number of text messages received about what time various things were happening. Also number of frustrated eye rolls induced.

9: Number of times photographer asked us to pose in ways that I felt were totally weird. Probably the same number of times I made a messed up face at the photographer.
8: Number of minutes the ceremony lasted. (This was intentional.) 
7: Number of my sorority sisters that attended the wedding. I was super excited to see them; well, all except the one that drank too much and spent most the reception passed out at her table.
6: Number of macarons I managed to eat during the reception. We had lavender and caramel flavored, which were absolutely amazing.  (They were from Antoinette Baking Co., in case you’re ever in Tulsa.) Also the number of bottles of wine Johnny and I bought yesterday in Corpus Christi, TX on our post-wedding vacation.
5: Number of times someone asked me if the horses were my horses. 
4: Number of hours spent chatting with my favorite sisters and friends post-wedding. (It was all gossip about who’s a lesbian and who’s pregnant and who’s installing a sex swing.)
3: Number of hours spent taking pictures before the wedding. Three hours too long if you ask me.

2: Length of Kentucky Derby, in minutes. I’m happy to report that nearly everyone participated in our Derby game and our winner was a very good friend who thought American Pharaoh would win!

1: Number of times I plan to get married, because that shit is way too stressful to do more than once!

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  1. I loved stalking all the pictures of you guys over the weekend on fb! Congrats (on getting married and getting it over with! :P)!!

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