Weekend in Numbers

The ‘small’ setup at the Arabian show!

10: Average number of hours per day I was at the Arabian show this weekend. (12 hours the first two days, and a short 7 on Sunday!)

9: Number of hours a day, on average, an 8 year old kid was hanging out at the trailer with me. She and her mother were showing; apparently mom thought it was totally fine for her daughter to chill at a tack trailer with a stranger for the better part of the day. (This was a very awkward arrangement, and several people assumed she was my kid!)

8: Number of people who asked me if I had “sparkle pins” for their hair. Apparently, these are very hot with the saddle seat set. (Sadly, we do not carry them, but I feel like they might appeal to some dressage people!)

7: Approximate number of times an hour I heard Flo Rida’s “GDFR”, which is a terrible, terrible song.

Buttons keeps an eye out for customers.

6: Length, in feet, of most show horses’ tails at this event. I don’t think I saw a horse whose tail didn’t drag the ground.

5: Number of after hours trips I made to the store this weekend to restock or drop off various items- I went morning and night!

4: Number of customers that would inevitably be in line when I returned from a bathroom break, no matter how short it was or how dead it was before I went!

3: Number of hours it took me to set up on Thursday- the gridwall doesn’t go up (or come down) very easily when you’re by yourself!

2: Number of people who spent time explaining to me what dressage was, even after I mentioned that I ride dressage pretty regularly. (One person went so far as to explain to me that “You have to canter in First Level!”)

I might know about dressage, but I know very little about english trail class!

1: Number of kindred spirits I met this weekend- this wonderfully friendly woman was showing her Arabian gelding in Intro dressage for the first time the weekend; she described dressage as a ‘lifelong dream’. She was so excited and enthusiastic when she placed second with a 63% and rushed back to the mobile unit to tell me about it! People like her are my favorite part of going to shows.

It was definitely interesting to spend the weekend at an Arabian show- I had no idea the breed had so many variations. The saddle seat classes were wild, and I saw some very…interesting interpretations of hunter under saddle!

What were y’all up to this weekend?

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15 thoughts on “Weekend in Numbers”

  1. I enjoy going to breed shows, because it truly is like entering a different world! As soon as you see a class name that looks familiar, you watch and realize you still have no idea what the heck is going on!

    1. You aren't kidding! I was like "Ah, yes, hunter under saddle! I am familiar with hunter under saddle!" and then I was like "NOPE I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS HORSE IS DOING"

  2. sounds like an awesome time! sometimes i think i should try out the arab shows just to see what it's all about… except my mare's tail is too short, apparently… oh well!! lol

    1. Everyone was VERY nice and clearly felt that Arabians were absolutely the best horses in the world! Fake tails are prohibited, so you better get going on wrapping and braiding!!

  3. Aw, that friendly lady sounds awesome. I always feel like that person talking too much in a tack trailer, so it's good to know sometimes people don't hate it! 🙂

  4. Sounds super fun!
    I think working a tack stall would be awesome…wish I knew more about all things equine though – I'd be an absolutely useless sales person otherwise

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