Welcome, Madigan!

I picked up the newest addition to my herd from his breeder yesterday! Meet Madigan von Benestar, a 2018 Westfalen gelding.

Last week, a friend tagged me in his sale ad on Facebook. I’d seen him pop up in various local sales groups over the last couple of months, but his price was out of my range. But the newest ad had him listed at very affordable price; his breeder is downsizing.

I sent Johnny a screenshot of the ad and joked, “Can I have this horse instead of a new car?” He replied, “Yeah, that is fine.” I wasn’t about to ask twice!

Madigan’s breeder (The Benestar Ranch in Lindsay, OK) called me a couple of hours after I sent a message inquiring about him. She was friendly and courteous and very easy to talk to. She emailed a sales contract and invoice, I paid for him, and made arrangements to pick him up!

I’m really excited! Madigan is bred very much like Marrakesh. He’s by Mannhattan and out of a Thoroughbred mare whose bloodlines were similar to Gina’s. He seems very low-key and sensible. When I picked him up yesterday, he walked right onto the trailer as if he’d been doing it every day for his entire life. Once we arrived at home, he unloaded quietly and settled into my paddock to graze. He is happy to be petted and brushed, and it’s clear that he’s had lots of gentle handling already.

Moe has been called upon to babysit, which he is Not Happy about. I’ve never seen him look so peeved. He ignores Madigan for the most part and stares mournfully over the fence towards the front pasture and the mares. When Madigan approaches him, he isn’t mean or violent; he sometimes pins his ears to push him away. Madigan has been calm and quiet since his arrival- no running around, no whinnying, just grazing.

Hanging out under the overhang

The mares seem intrigued by the new arrival. They can’t see him super well, but that hasn’t stopped Candy from pacing and peering over the fence. Gina seems unperturbed.


For now, the plan is to keep Madigan with his crabby babysitter Moe and handle him in some way every day. He desperately needs a nickname; Madigan is a mouthful. Johnny calls him Moe Moe Junior Junior. Other suggestions have included Mad Benny, Steve, Doppler, Alex, Sutton, and Star. Any suggestions?

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  1. Digby? Digger? Deacon?

    How exciting! He sounds like the horse you were supposed to get.
    Betsy in WI

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