We’re Still Here!

Sorry to have taken a break from the 30 Day Blog Challenge series; I promise I’ll be back full force tomorrow. It’s been a very hectic week. Johnny’s grandfather passed away after a long illness last week, and we drove to Lubbock, Texas for the funeral. As we were returning to Oklahoma on Monday, I saw some scary things on Twitter about what the weather was doing.

I live in the Tulsa area, which is about 100 miles east of where the F-5 tornado plowed through Moore. However, another storm system was spawning tornadoes immediately west of where my horses live in Talala. I checked with my friends in the area, as well as my boss/barn owner; everyone was hunkered down, waiting. Mercifully, the tornadoes fizzled out before they reached Talala; my horses, house, and friends are all totally fine.

The devastation in Moore is immense. Many horses are dead; many others are homeless. If you’re able to spare a few extra dollars to donate, please do.

  • The Oklahoma Humane Society has been helping with large and small animals. 
  • The AQHA is collecting donations for equine tornado victims.
  • Plain As Bay Eventing lost all of their horses; you can donate to them through the “Randall Weidner catastrophe trust” via Wells Fargo. 
  • The Red Cross is on the scene, helping (mostly) people.
Since I’m fairly local, I’m sending all my extra veterinary stuff (bandages, Vetwrap, antibacterial/antimicrobial washes) with my pal Trista, who’s making a trip out there this weekend to deliver those types of supplies as well as horse feed to owners in need. 
If you’re unable to contribute, please send thoughts and prayers to Oklahoma. And go hug your horses.

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