What Santa brought

I received my Secret Santa gifts in the mail on Christmas Eve; I was super excited! 
My package came from Erin at Sweet Fresno– her blog is new to me (as mine was to her), which is another perk of this gift exchange. Finding new equestrian blogs to read is always a good time! 
Onto the gifts: Erin thoughtfully combed through my blog and sent me some Ariat boot socks (!), a water bottle (!!), a hat (!!!), a very cool print (!!!!), and peppermints for my ponies (!!!!!). To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. We all know you can never have too many socks, too many hats, or too many water bottles. I’m already searching for a frame for the print to add it to my equestrian-themed gallery wall. And y’all know Moe and Gina have already eaten like, half that bag of peppermints.
Thanks, Erin! You’re awesome! 

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