I am now the proud owner of a brand new Sundowner Charter SE bumper pull trailer! We brought it home (well, to the barn) on Saturday; I had an electronic brake controller installed on the truck this morning and am ready to roll!

I’m really excited about this trailer for a variety of reasons, but the number one is FREEDOM! Oklahoma is not an ideal place to event, because a) other eventers are few in number, and b) events, even schooling ones, are at minimum, two hours away. I board at a barn full of dressage people who have minimal interest in jumping, so it’s hard to convince them to take their horses to events just so I can catch a ride.

With my own trailer, I’m now able to make plans for shows that aren’t just dressage! Here what the rest of the year is tentatively looking like:

  • September 19: schooling dressage show @ Bridle Creek in Sperry, OK with Gina
  • October 4: schooling combined test @ Gallery Farm in Noble, OK with Moe
  • October 24: Harvard Fox Hounds opening hunt @ Flint Creek, OK with Gina
  • November ??: hunter pace @ Flint Creek, OK with Gina

Even though hauling horses is still scary, at least now I’m confident in my equipment!

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  1. This is awesome! It’s so pretty! I love the look of it and i love the straight loads that have a chest bar instead of the manger thing with under storage. I feel like that’s so much nicer on the ponies. Good shopping!

    1. I like that it doesn’t have the manger thing either- last time I had Moe in a trailer that had that, I felt like he had no room to move his head or neck to balance!

  2. Nice! What kinda truck do you all have? Are you getting a WD hitch or anything? Curious as I’m about to get a trailer and trying to figure out what other things I need to consider.

    1. We have a 2004 Toyota Tundra 4WD with Toyota’s towing package on it. It’s rated to tow about 7,000 pounds, which is one reason we were looking for an aluminum trailer. (The trailer itself weighs about 2,800 pounds.) It doesn’t have a WD hitch on it; the receiver is whatever comes with Toyota’s factory towing package, and we just have a heavy duty hitch we bought at our local farm & ranch supply store.

      The electronic brake controller was the only thing we had to have installed on the truck; the dealer we bought the trailer from installed it for us. It’s a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 and what the dealer recommended!

      The dealer was very helpful and listened to our questions and didn’t make us feel dumb for asking about what kinds of accessories we needed! I have moderate experience with hauling trailers, but I’ve never been the one making decisions on what kind of brake controller or hitch to put on something!

      1. Gotcha. Thanks for sharing! My F150 is rated to haul over 10k but the hitch installed on the truck is only rated for 5k weight carrying and 10k with the weight distributing hitch according to the ratings I saw when I climbed under the beast. Luckily we have a factory brake controller with our tow package. We decided to go for Alum Skin but steel Frame as it worked better for our budget new. I wish I could have found this trailer used though. That would have been perfect.

        I am crossing my fingers that we will eventually upgrade to a bigger truck and a GN though.

  3. So exciting!! I have a Sundowner 777. I love it so much! And freedom is wonderful. You’re going to love being able to go where you want, when you want to.

  4. Congrats! That looks super nice! I bought my first trailer a couple of years ago and don’t know how I got on before! It has really opened up my horizons, especially considering most of my friends are exclusively trail riders and don’t show at all.

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