Who wore it best?

I have a scarf problem; I have about three dozen of them in a variety of styles. They’re a versatile accessory, and I love using them to spruce up an otherwise-drab outfit. I wear them riding often because they keep my neck warm AND make me look a little less frumpy in the office. (Admittedly, no one cares how fresh-from-the-barn frumpy you look at my office.)

Just because horses have dichromatic vision and no opposable thumbs doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable, too!


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Author: Stephanie

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15 thoughts on “Who wore it best?”

  1. I had to go with Gina as that plaid is just so in this season 😉
    But I wanted to give props to Moe for the Tongue Out Tuesday pose. (Especially since you did in fact post this on Tuesday.)

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