Why I chose Mannhattan

Gina and clone-Gina
Gina and clone-Gina

I’m no breeding expert. Breeding Gina this year has been my first foray into the breeding world, and I don’t know if I’ll do it again. After all, Gina isn’t young, and I don’t have another mare waiting in the wings. Horses aren’t my primary occupation or source of income, and while I’d love to have a sporthorse breeding empire, I’m not sure that’s realistic!

However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t put a lot of thought into the stallion I chose. There were a few things I was looking for:

  • Oldenburg N.A. approval; Gina is already entered into their main mare book, and while I’m sure she could be approved for other warmblood registries, I don’t particularly want to go through the process of doing so. Additionally, Oldenburg N.A. inspections are held locally.
  • High percentage of Thoroughbred blood. Since I want something to event on, I want it to have plenty of stamina.
  • Offspring performing well in jumping/eventing careers
  • Reputation for siring amateur-friendly offspring

Avalon Equine’s stable of stallions was already on my radar; they’re here in Oklahoma, and they have a lot of nice stallions at stud. I’d met a Mannhattan offspring through foxhunting and another through eventing and been impressed with their ability to jump, so when Avalon Equine advertised their Black Friday stud fed special, I jumped at the chance to buy a discounted breeding.


Mannhattan checks all of my boxes:

  • He’s approved for Oldenburg NA
  • He’s ~49% Thoroughbred, meaning a Gina offspring will be ~74% Thoroughbred
  • He has several offspring performing well in dressage, hunter/jumper, and eventing careers
  • His offspring are reputed to have great minds (at least according to Chronicle of the Horse forums and the two I’ve met personally)
  • Mannhattan himself competed at USEF Level 8 jumpers and scored well in jumping ability, cross-country, and character at his stallion inspection.

As an added bonus, Avalon Equine has a reputation for being easy to work with; my own experience has proved this to be the case.

My ultimate goal for a Gina/Mannhattan baby is to have an amateur-friendly horse that I can even at least through Training level, foxhunt on, and be relatively competitive on the local dressage circuit. However, if it turns out to be gray, I’ve told Johnny that it’s his horse, because I have zero desire to keep a gray horse clean for shows… 😉

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26 thoughts on “Why I chose Mannhattan”

  1. bahaha at the gray remark. Since Paige is bred (yes, I saw a little horse shape on a screen last night!!!) to a Paint, I’ve been requesting a dark colored head (to avoid the blue eyes…) and a dark tail to avoid having a white/yellow tailed horse…I can deal with any white but that. 😉

    1. I mean, I don’t want some fugly horse. (Although Moe is not especially attractive, and he is basically the best horse ever…so maybe ugly is okay!)

    1. Johnny thinks grey horses are beautiful (even when they’re white or flea bitten grey!), so he is totally on board with having one. I told him this is because he’s never had to scrub poop stains off.

  2. I was going to say “yay, you’ll have a chance at a gray,” but apparently that’s a bad thing for you. Grays are so pretty though.

  3. Grey and white horses seem to have a serious thing for mud and poop. Sydney is chestnut, and while she rolls, she rarely ever is super dirty. Skye on the other hand, who was a few spot Appaloosa, had a thing for laying down in her own poop, or rolling in mud puddles. The horse that I am borrowing while Sydney recovers is also a few spot Appaloosa and ALSO lays down in his own poop AND his own pee. It is so nasty.

    I don’t know much about warmbloods, they aren’t really my thing, but when I do read various dressage publications Manhattan has always caught my eye.

    1. I KNOW! These grey horses are attractive, but always seem to revel in filth!! Maybe the rest of them to do, but we just don’t notice it. Ugh.

  4. Having had my grey for 7 years, the poop stains have actually been few and far between! We just had some recently for the first time in years. But Ries is a princess after all lol

  5. I have a Mannhattan! She’s going grey but I love her anyway. Kathy said he was nearly black for several years.

  6. I love both of My Mahhattan foals! Full siblings one bay, one grey.
    If I searched the world I could find horses as nice as these!

  7. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read. I recently stumbled upon a yearling filly by mannhattan and was quickly sold on her. She is so well put together and her temperament is lovely. The breeder had a pair of 3 y.o.s by the same stallion and they are stunning. I haven’t see horse so correct very much over my years….. but Mannhattan seem to have a 10/10 record for throwing beautiful babies. As a “professional” amateur(if you will) I had many reservations about the risks of buying a young horse; nevertheless, this filly gave me zero doubts of her potential.

    anyhow, I am having fun reading up more on Mannhattan and his offspring. I have yet to find readings that give less than exceptional information.
    As a result, my excitement just grows more and more!!!
    Thanks again for sharing and thank you for reading my novel reply in your post if you get the chance

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