Wild breech Wednesday

Breeches have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Fabric has been upgraded to be more dirt and water repellent, more breathable, and more comfortable. Velcro closures at the ankles have been almost universally replaced by smooth elasticized fabric. There are a range of styles to suit every body type.

But my favorite upgrade by far is the availability of colors and patterns that completely allow me to go wild with my schooling (and schooling show) attire. Here, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites:


From left to right, you’re looking at:

Even solid-colored breeches have become more exciting!


From left to right:

Do you have a favorite? Are you in the “if you can put it on, you can pull it off” or “dear god, why would you?” camp?

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37 thoughts on “Wild breech Wednesday”

    1. I know, it SUPER sucks! I bought a pair of neon green ones in 34 a while back, since I can squeeze into a 34 in a couple of other brands, but it ain’t happening in the TuffRiders. :'(

  1. My brown plaid Tuff Rider breeches are about as “wild” as I’ll go, but I’ve seen people pull of wilder patterns, so to each their own 🙂

  2. I love those B Vertigo Julia ones, as it’s a super cool and unique pattern but the overall picture doesn’t yell at people from a mile away. I already feel awkward stopping at the grocery store in my (boring) breeches on my way home from the barn so I’m not sure I would have the confidence for some of those louder options. I admire them on other people though!

  3. I would put those Cheetah print ones in the terrifying category. I like the Paris Bloom ones and I’ve been eyeing the blue Tuffriders.

    1. The Paris Blooms are lovely in person. I can’t decide how I feel about the Montars. They’re also available in a denim leopard print, which is either worse or better; again, I can’t decide lol

  4. I’m not really into prints (granted I love my black tone on tone houndstooth ADE’s) or super crazy colors but I don’t hate those HKM Paris Bloom ones… that’s a super classy dark purple.

    1. tone on tone is a really nice, subtle look for people who are less tacky than me. 😛 The Paris Blooms are also available in a really nice dark blue and dark olive green. they look super in person!

  5. Ohhhh. I just bought the blue neon Tuff Riders! I think you’re going to appreciate the pair of Equine Couture that I recently got, too. (Who am I? Where did this come from?)

    I’d love some tie-dye (DIY?), all the bright colors, and maybe some more fun patterns. I figure if my workout capris can be awesome and colorful, why can’t my breeches?

    1. OMG PLEASE TIE DYE SOME BREECHES! I want to see this happen. I can’t wait to see the ECs you picked up.

      The barn where I board has lots of kids who just wear workout tights to ride, which means I always see lots of colorful patterns! I couldn’t go without the knee patches; I’d slide all over the place.

  6. Great minds think alike — I did a breech blog this week too, lol! I do like the fun solids… prints aren’t really my thing LOL

  7. I have a pair of TS breeches in Blueprint, but those are about as crazy as I can bring myself to go. Call it my George Morris hunter princess roots, but I just can’t do it. I like fun colors and prints on other people, but I can’t wear them myself. Haha.

  8. Since I ride at home where no one sees me, I love crazy breeches! I tend not to wear the crazy in public though. I have the neon Tuffriders in yellow and pink. I also have those schooner breeches up there…. And I have a snake print pair… and a pair similar to those B Vertigo, but I forget what brand mine are.
    If you’re looking for some fun colored REALLY COMFY breeches, check out Annie’s Equestrian: http://anniesusa.com They’re like wearing jammies.

    1. I had no idea you were into the crazy breeches! I love it!

      I’ve been pining over the Annie’s forever, but I am sadly too fat for their beautiful breeches. :'(

      1. They don’t have much of a size range. But they do run on the looser side. I wear a 30 in tuffrider, 28 tailored sportsman, and the Annie’s 28 is loose on me. And you’re not fat!

  9. GIrlfriend, if you have the confidence to put any of those on, more power to you!! The prints are not my thing, but the fun solid colors are GREAT! I wear different-colored skinny jeans, why not breeches?!

  10. I’m not so sure about the print ones. But colours are ok. I prefer the darker colours because I think they are more flattering. Love the purple breeches!

  11. For years I only rode a super loud paint colored animal so I kept my riding fashion kind of muted. But now that I’m riding two bays maybe I can go a bit more wild! 🙂

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