I had my post-surgery follow up appointment with my doctor today. He had a new x-ray of my arm taken, and I snapped a photo of it.

The amount of hardware in my arm is staggering and more than a little unnerving! Even more unnerving? My doctor shared with me that he almost needed to go the next size up on the plate that’s in there! Yikes! If you look closely, you can also see the staples along the back of my arm. (They were removed today.)
I wish I had a picture of the pre-surgery x-ray to share. You can see in this photo where the fracture is; before the surgery, there was a chunk of bone floating where the plate currently sits, and the space between the fracture was a couple of inches. This picture is a much better one.
For the time being, I am confined to lifting 5 pounds of less and not using my arm to push. That means I’ll be back at work doing what few office-type things we have soon and working on a major fundraiser. Unfortunately, the bone is going to take about four months to heal and I am not cleared to ride before then. Needless to say this is a major disappointment. When I think of missing the fall hunter pace and how well Colt was progressing…But I’d rather be back at 100% than re-injure the arm. (Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.)
In the meantime, I’ll be doing some physical therapy and hopefully resuming my quest to complete a 5K!

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  1. Beka- I'm not sure how many staples were used. I'm guessing about 50? The scar has healed pretty well (or so everyone says- it's a weird spot to try to see, even in a mirror). I've sporadically used vitamin E on it and that's kept it from itching too much. It's a pale purplish color and I'm currently using it to terrorize my disobedient students. 😀

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