About the Horses

Madigan, Gina, and Moe (December 2022)

Richnfree, known around the barn as Moe, is a 1995 chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. I’ve had Moe since 2003, and he’s been to more states than some people have: Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas!

Show jumping (2004)

For many years, Moe and I competed in eventing. We never placed particularly well, as I largely ignored dressage training in favor of jumping whatever I could drag out to the pasture where I rode. But I could always count on Moe to finish on his dressage score, with no time or jumping faults in cross country or show jumping! We evented until 2017, did a brief stint in dressage in 2018, and he has been largely retired since 2019.

Baby faced even as a senior (2022)

Moe loves people, and is always the first to greet me in the pasture or the barn. His favorite treats are donuts- plain glazed, powdered sugar, jelly-filled- he’s indiscriminate.

Kimberly K, best known as Gina, is a 1997 Thoroughbred mare. Bred in New Mexico, she was brought to Oklahoma in 1999 as broodmare for a sporthorse breeding program. She went through several owners before I encountered her at the therapeutic riding center where I worked. My first task at that job was to prepare her for sale. I liked her so much that I bought her in 2011.

Jumping at home, 2015 (?)

Because Gina had shown as a hunter before being donated to the therapeutic riding center, I thought I might be able to event her. She was pretty burned out on all things show jumping, though, so we spent a few years competing in local dressage shows before I discovered that she had a talent for foxhunting. Gina and I hunted for several years and she’s still my preferred trail horse!

Still a beauty even at 25 (2022)

Gina likes no one, but she has a phenomenal work ethic and has been a wonderful partner for all the years I’ve had her. She’s like the best co-worker you’ve ever had- shows up on time, picks up any slack, never calls out sick, and always gets her work done (and done well).

Madigan von Benestar is a 2018 Westfalen gelding. I bought Madigan in 2019 after a friend sent me an ad for a yearling gelding by Mannhattan out of a Thoroughbred mare. He was exactly what I’d tried and failed to produce when I bred Gina to Mannhattan in 2017. (Her foal died a month after he was born in 2018.)

Making his rated dressage debut with his trainer (2022)

A small, awkward yearling, Madigan has grown into a large and lovely young horse. He’s done well in both traditional and western dressage at the local and national levels, and is a favorite at the barn thanks to his easygoing temperament.

Curious and playful and handsome (2022)

Madigan is a curious and mischievous young horse who will attempt to play bitey-face with almost anyone- equine, feline, canine, or human!