Goodbye, Marrakesh

On Friday, I made the decision to have Marrakesh euthanized. Last Thursday, his vet called me to give me an update on how he was responding to the treatment for his joint infection. It wasn’t a good update- he didn’t appear to be responding to treatment at all. He refused to bear weight on the […]

Good news, bad news

I haven’t posted much about Marrakesh because I haven’t heard much about Marrakesh. His vet is good about calling me with updates when something has occurred. I don’t call the clinic daily; it’s better for my peace of mind to wait for an update. On Sunday morning, the vet called me with some good news. […]

Small changes with big impacts

In lieu of any updates (other than “waiting and seeing”) on baby Marrakesh, I thought I’d discuss some small changes I’ve recently made in Candy’s life that have had big impacts on her behavior and our relationship. Candy’s been my horse for nearly two years, and her progress has been…underwhelming. Her origins are pretty unexciting: […]