Small changes with big impacts

In lieu of any updates (other than “waiting and seeing”) on baby Marrakesh, I thought I’d discuss some small changes I’ve recently made in Candy’s life that have had big impacts on her behavior and our relationship. Candy’s been my horse for nearly two years, and her progress has been…underwhelming. Her origins are pretty unexciting: […]

Baby horse roller coaster

When I brought Marrakesh and Gina home last Saturday, he seemed firmly on the mend. He was running, bucking,  napping, eating- all the things you expect a two-and-a-half week old foal to do.  The vet had sent us home with five days’ worth of antibiotics, and Johnny and I dutifully administered them morning and night.  […]

Marrakesh is home (again)!

I missed a call from my vet on Thursday evening, but the message he left was heartening. Marrakesh’s temperature had been normal for the last three days without Banamine and there was very little drainage from the IV catheter site on his neck. The vet felt he’d be able to go home soon. I talked […]

Marrakesh the medical marvel

Marrakesh turned two weeks old yesterday, and he celebrated at the vet clinic. I received a call on Monday evening from the clinic’s veterinary intern. She told me that Marrakesh continued to spike fevers despite receiving Banamine and a different broad spectrum antibiotic. They performed a thoracic ultrasound to check his lungs, which looked good. […]